The Ballerina Princess

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For ages 4-9. 

Hard cover book, 36 pages, 6 3/4 by 8 1/4.

Is your daughter a little ballerina? Then she will love The Ballerina Princess! Like most little girls, the main character in this children's story dreams of becoming the lead ballerina in the school recital. The story follows her training in ballet school, her audition for a role in the Spring Recital, and the ballet recital itself. When the visiting professional ballerina gets the flu, your child plays the lead role.

Will she be the lead ballerina? Will she fulfill her little dancer's dreams? Your little girl is sure to have a lot of fun finding out while she reads this book, which is filled with pictures depicting ballet moves that your child can practice on her own. What's more, your child gets to be the main character, too!

In this personalized book, your child's name is used along with names of her friends or classmates.  This is an ideal gift for children, as it is both fun and educational. Buy The Ballerina Princess personalized book now and start your child dreaming to become a ballerina too!