My Fishing Adventure

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For ages 4-8.

Hard cover book, 36 pages, 6 3/4 by 8 1/4.

My Fishing Adventure is a children's book about the journey of a young bear who dreamed of winning a fishing contest. The story is personalized to make your child the main character, making this gift a keepsake and even more enjoyable.

In this personalized book, your child becomes the hero who enters and competes in a fishing adventure contest. His favorite fishing partner, maybe "Grandpa" and his favorite fishing spot can be personalized as well. Your child will go to the fishing store to buy fishing gear and train with Grandpa on how to fish properly.

Will he win the fishing contest? Find out through the illustrations and easy-to-read text features in each page of this educational personalized book.

Give the best fishing book gift for children; order My Fishing Adventure now.