God's Special Gifts To Me

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For ages 4-9.

Hard cover book, 36 pages,  6 3/4" by 8 1/4".

God's Special Gifts To Me is a wonderful children's book that would teach your child all about God's love and the many gifts He gave to each and every child. The story covers all five senses as well as wisdom, forgiveness and prayer.

The book is filled with colorful illustrations and uses easy-to-understand text in poetry form. Your child is sure to have fun reading and learning from it. This children's book is an ideal gift for children of all ages, regardless of religion. It will encourage your child to read, appreciate God's love, and use His gifts wisely.

You can have God's Special Gifts To Me personalized with your child's name to make it an even more interesting gift. With his or her name incorporated in the story, your child can relate more easily to the book. This personalized book about God's love is ideal for Christmas, Easter, baptism, first communions, christenings, and other religious events. You can also give this personalized book as an everyday gift for children.